Houston County

Houston County Minn. is the southeasternmost county in the state, with a vibrant population shy of 20,000. It's bordered on the east by the mighty Mississippi River and Iowa to the south. Situated within the Driftless area--a small unglaciated region of the Midwest--its 569 square miles include gorgeous bluffs, river valleys, limestone outcroppings, caves, sinkholes, and a diverse abundance of wildlife and habitat. Houston has a predominantly agricultural and manufacturing economy with many 3rd, 4th, and even 5th generation farms still in operation. The unique topography of the Minnesota's Driftless has kept farms small and mostly family operated.

The residency's home base is in the township of Mound Prairie, just east of the City of Houston along the Scenic Byway. Houston, population 979, boasts incredible natural amenities for bicyclists, hikers, bird watchers and weekend adventurers. The town itself is the eastern terminus of the popular Root River Bike Trail System, and offers a uniquely designed natural playground as part of its Nature Center.

While most Minnesotans go North, we say, "Go Southeast!"

Locals call it "Bluff Country" and it's part of the larger Driftless Area--and there is nothing like it, anywhere. The unglaciated region with caves, sinkholes and springs is detailed in the short film below:


Below are links to a handful of places, organizations, people, events, landmarks, oddities, and more that shape the identity of Houston Co. and Minnesota's Driftless region. We've found them to be special in our experiences and perhaps they may inspire or activate your work, too.