Who Are We?

Erin & Taylor

We are historians, teachers, artists, musicians, parents, and lovers of the Driftless Region.

Erin had the good fortune of being stationed in the Southeast region beginning in fall 2014 as the Southeast Partnership Coordinator for a statewide historic preservation organization. Over that period of time, she & Taylor never tired of exploring the bluffs, valleys, caves, gravel roads, restaurants and small towns in the area. They knew they wanted to eventually acquire some land, maybe park their camper there, and in the future build a modest cabin. Then, Erin found the most incredible listing for a log cabin just outside Houston, Minn. on Trulia. She somehow convinced Taylor to take a look and they instantly fell in love. Since May 2016, they've made the one-of-a-kind cabin theirs and immediately started spending a significant amount of time getting to know the region more in depth. Their hope is to introduce more people to the mysterious Driftless and to find ways to support the growth of creative placemaking endeavors within Houston County.

2017, 2018, & 2019 PROGRAM PARTNER:


HARC is a 501(c)(3) organization established to promote the arts, artists, and artisans of the Houston, MN area. HARC is our strongest local organizational partner. Together, we support the growth of rural arts and cultural programming throughout Houston Co. HARC will co-host the upcoming Citizen-Artist Community Workshop Series, Citizen-Artist Meet & Greets, and the end-of-the-year Citizen-Artist Showcase.